Pub. 21 2022 Issue 1

By Michael P. DiFeo

Earlier this year, Bill S1031 was introduced in the New Jersey Legislature. The bill would require licensed dealerships to report their documentary preparation fees (Doc Fees) to the Attorney General’s office. Subsequently, the fees would be posted on the websites maintained by the Department of Law & Public Safety and the Division of Consumer Affairs.

By James B. Appleton

The Direct Sales model is WRONG FOR CONSUMERS. New Jersey has been at the forefront of this fight for several years, but direct sales fights continue to rage all over the country, as you will see in our featured story from this issue of New Jersey Auto Retailer. Initially, it was just Tesla, but now Rivian, Lucid and other startups are taking up the mantle and trying to gain special consideration from Legislatures coast to coast. Even some legacy automakers are toying with the idea of breaking off their EV product into standalone companies.

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