Pub. 21 2022 Issue 1


Using Diversity and Inclusion as a Competitive Advantage

Imagine fishing from your favorite pond and catching the same fish over and over again. And even when you catch a new type of fish, you aren’t able to keep it on the line because you don’t have the right pole. You hope things improve, but you continue to fish out of the same pond with the same pole. This simple metaphor reflects the state of diversity and inclusion in automotive retail.


FTC Strengthens Security Safeguards for Consumer Financial Information

The Federal Trade Commission recently announced a newly updated rule that strengthens the information security safeguards that automotive dealers are required to put in place to protect their customers’ financial information. In recent years, widespread paper-based documents, other data information breaches, and cyberattacks have significantly harmed consumers, including monetary loss, identity theft, and other forms of financial distress. The FTC’s updated Safeguards Rule requires motor vehicle dealers to develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive security system to keep their customers historic and current paper-based document information safe.


Thank You to Those Who Contributed to NADA PAC

NADA PAC helps to elect to Congress qualified individuals who understand the needs of new car and truck dealers. NADA PAC is consistently credited as being one of the nation’s top trade association political action committees in terms of both total fundraising and contributions to federal candidates. NADA PAC supports candidates for Congress on a bipartisan basis from the recommendations of the NADA PAC dealer leadership for each state.


NJ CAR Recognizes the Dealerships That Have Contributed to CAR-PAC

NJ CAR appreciates the support of the 312 dealers who contributed to CAR-PAC, the Coalition’s political action committee, between Jan. 1, 2021 and Dec. 31, 2021. CAR-PAC needs the contributions of ALL dealers to ensure it has the necessary financial resources to support candidates (on both sides of the aisle) who support the franchised retail automotive industry in New Jersey and ensure the dealers’ voice is heard in Trenton on a wide variety of important public policy issues. CAR-PAC has been (and will continue to be) very active in supporting the candidates who support our industry.


The Future is Electric

Increasing awareness of environmental issues caused by vehicles is one of the primary factors driving the growth of the global zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) market. As a result, reducing carbon emissions from vehicles has been identified as one of the key strategies in limiting climate change.

Navigating New Jersey’s Electric Vehicle Charging Landscape

Navigating New Jersey’s Electric Vehicle Charging Landscape

Electric Vehicles (EVs) and hybrid EVs have been steadily growing in popularity over the past decade, especially in the last two years, as talks of climate change, sustainability, and environmental stewardship come to the forefront. Many car manufacturers are already making plans to expand their plug-in offerings or are going all-electric, mandating that dealerships adopt EV charging infrastructure as a result. Navigating the new electric vehicle charging landscape in New Jersey can be overwhelming.